What Every Woman Damn Near 40 Should Understand


By Kimberly “Isis” Thomas- I Hear That Girl

Sooo…I recently celebrated my 37th birthday and I tell you, it is the first one in which I felt 100% at ease with.  My thirties have definitely been a journey of endless revelations.  I got divorced at 32, which in and of itself was an opportunity to find out not only who I am, but WHY I am the way that I am.  By 35, I was in my creative stride and sharing that revelation with others.  Now at 37, my attitude is “F$#@ it!  Two tears in a bucket!”  Seriously, I mean that in all positivity, empowerment, and light.  Let me explain:  I have accepted who I am, why I am, and you know what…I LOVE this woman!  I no longer live according to any societal rules or the whims of others.  If it feels right to me, I’m doing it and not even contemplating if I’m wrong for feeling ok with that.  Isis is a fiery, impassioned, lover of justice, understanding, and most importantly, peace.  So I aim to make my life all of that and more.  I am enjoying my life and I have no issues turning down “opportunities” for more important things and people.

Me & the Bestie, Vett enjoying downtown Augusta, GA.

Me & the Bestie, Vett enjoying downtown Augusta, GA.

This birthday, I was supposed to be at Essence Festival.  Well, we all know that plans never go according to plan.  While there is no doubt that had I gone to Essence Festival as planned, I would have had a ball.  Although working, I would have had an opportunity to meet my media role model, Oprah Winfrey.

However, I didn’t let the dissolution of plans work me into a tizzy.  Instead, I got extremely excited when I realized this detour would allow me to celebrate my birthday with my sisters, family, and my best friends.  I couldn’t have asked for anything more.  My best friend, Vett, drove an hour into town just to have a birthday dinner with me (I so love her) and my other best friend, Keshia and I laughed through the night at Waffle House and an impromptu trip to Wal-Mart, into the early morning in an unplanned sleep over (but do we ever really plan them Keesh!).



37 has taught me a few things in just a couple of weeks, and I seriously am looking forward to my future years.  They’re the things that University’s & Life Education are made of…they TEACH!  Here are a few things I’ve learned:

  • Love yourself…UNAPOLOGETICALLY!
  • Best Friends are more valuable than silver or gold.  TREASURE THEM!
  • Death is the only thing that is certain, spend time with those you love and let them KNOW IT!
  • Celebrate whatever and wherever you choose.  Life’s a celebration!  (I didn’t eat cake for breakfast, girl!  CELEBRATE!  By eating cake! LOL)
  • Coffee is life giving nectar.
  • Curse words aren’t bad, they’re your life-earned RIGHT!
  • It takes way less energy to say how you feel than to try and filter.  #TEAMNOFILTER
  • You don’t always have to voice your opinion.  Let crazy folks be crazy sometimes.  Don’t save ’em, they don’t wanna be saved.
  • The day you understand stupidity is the day they’ve successfully recruited you.  Don’t attempt to (for all the “I’m trying to understand why you’d…” rhetoric).
  • SEX is fun! You will want it more.  YAY for womanhood!!  😉

What are some things that your years have taught you?  I’d love to hear.  Leave them in the comments below and enjoy your life lovies. <3

Peace & Blessings,