Sexy ‘teacher’ Patrice Brown gets guidance on school dress code

Patrice Brown( Photo Credit: Instagram/ triceyl_)

Patrice Brown (Photo credit: Instagram – triceyl_)

Courtesy of Rolling Out

Patrice Brown became a social media sensation after several blogs and media outlets published her images. The images that were posted eventually went viral and it were accompanied by the hashtag, “TeacherBae.”

Brown’s voluptuous figure, form-fitting dresses, and high heels caused a stir. Some parents believed that Brown’s fashions were too provocative to work at an elementary school. Others stood up for Brown as thousands commented on social media. The Atlanta Public Schools recently released a statement to Fox 5 regarding Brown and her controversial outfits.

“Atlanta Public Schools can confirm that Patrice Brown is a paraprofessional employed with the district. She was given guidance regarding the APS employee dress code, the use of social media, and Georgia Code of Ethics for Educators, and she has been cooperative in addressing her presence on social media,” the statement said.

Brown, who is a graduate of Albany State University, is working to become an educator. She deleted several of her more provocative photos before deciding to make her Instagram account private. She currently has over 125K followers on Instagram.

Below are reactions from social media:

LRT: Bad enough she was disrespecting her classroom…but now it turns out that it wasn’t even her classroom. To the bushes!

“She should be more dress appropriately” Listen I had teachers who were dressed “appropriately” but still couldn’t teach

I can’t believe how much hate has received. If y’all not going to teach your ignorant kids somebody has to!

tho 😆! Me n my friend was talking about this today as long as she putting knowledge into the kids thats all that matters.

All my former teachers like me that know school politics know dressing too damn sexy for class

Sorry but this “” issue isn’t just a race issue, it’s gender too. Men still feel the need to tell a woman how they should dress.