Positive Outlook Challenge… Join Me!


Mondays.  Well…you know it can be a sad realization when we realize it’s time to get back to work and our weekends are over.  Today, when my alarm clock went off at 6:30am, I had the same thought most people have, “I want to sleep just a couple more hours.”  Instantly, something switched in me.  A small voice inside spoke brightly, “No!  We are happy to have this day and we are ready to seize it!”  In that moment, I made a pact with myself to try something different.  I instituted the Positive Outlook Challenge for me and me alone.

While preparing for the radio show, I reminded myself to replace each negative thought that enters my mind with an opposing positive thought.  Simple as that.  I am training my mind to always see the bright side of every situation.  I believe that positive thinking is contagious and has a snowball effect as do negative thoughts.  I’d rather positivity consume my life than negativity.  How about you?

My challenge is a 7 day challenge.  However, I want to make it a habit.  You can extend or stop after 7 days, but I want you to at least commit to a week of positive vibes.  I am sure it will bring forth the most amazing week you’ve ever had!  Consciously choosing to have a positive outlook on life is sure to give us abundant life and who doesn’t want that?  So, are you with me?  Check out my FB Live video below as I tell you all about the #PositiveOutlookChallenge!  Be sure to share your experience with me here, via social media (@ihearthatgirl), or by emailing me:  isis@ihearthatgirl.com.  I can’t wait to hear from you!