A New Perspective On The Paranormal


By: Kimberly “Isis” Thomas

I was invited to a private media screening of the all-new series, “Ghost Brothers”. I’m a huge fan of the horror genre and the paranormal. I’m geeky like that. Yes, I’m the girl that rushed to literature class whenever we were covering Edgar Allen Poe. I LOVE it!

So you can imagine my delight upon hearing that there was finally going to be an African-American Paranormal team on national television?! I was ecstatic for a couple of reasons. One, as I already stated, I am a huge fan of the genre. In all my time watching these shows, one thing was missing…US! We react differently in ghostly situations. We’re funny when we’re not even trying to be. That’s what I love about this series. It shows a different perspective of paranormal investigations, but more importantly, it gives viewers a different perspective of black men. I was especially impressed with how Marcus Harvey sported a “Never Sold Dope” t-shirt in the first episode. That tee spoke volumes!!

Destination America hosted an exclusive press screening at Graveyard Tavern (great food BTW) for their latest show “Ghost Brothers,” a six-part docu-series featuring TV’s first African-American paranormal investigation team. Cast members Juwan Mass, Dalen Spratt and Marcus Harvey were on hand for a brief Q&A and one-on-one interviews following the sneak peek of the first episode (“Magnolia Plantation”).

“Ghost Brothers” follows three best friends- all raised in religious households – who take their healthy curiosity and passion for the paranormal to the next level. The trio tour a series of haunted houses throughout the U.S. to uncover the history and the truth behind the local tales.

#GhostBrothers premiered Friday, April 15 at 10/9c on Destination America (@DestAmerica). I implore you to support these brothers and Destination America for showcasing the diversity within our community! Let me know if you’ll be watching!